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AKA: Diplocentrus whitei "Big Bend Scorpion"


Experience: Beginner


Growth Rate: mid


Type: Terrestrial/ Fossorial


Venom: moderate comparable to a bee sting.


Adult Size: 2.5"-3"


Expected Life Span: Females - Males


Temperature: 78°F - 82°F is ideal for the Summer months. During cooler months a range of 70°F - 75°F.




Natural Origins: South Texas, and into mexico from Nuevo Leon, Chihuahua, and Coahuila.




Substrate: A Peat moss and coco fiber mixture with added clumps of sphagnum moss and some vermiculite help keep humidity stay up. 5-7" of Substrate should suffice but more wouldn't hurt.



Scorpling (1/4"-1")

Sm. crickets, or Sm. Dubia 2x a week.



3-4 medium crickets, Md. Dubia every 7-10 days


As an Adult, you can mix up the diet with Red Runner Roaches, Superworms, and even Horned Worms as a rare treat as they are more fatty than nutritional.


Sexing: Males tend to have 16 - 20 pectines while Females can be seen with 14 - 18.


Extra Info. :



Big Bend Scorpion

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