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AKA: Megaphobema robustum, "Columbian Giant Red leg"


Experience: Advanced

Venom: Low similar to a bee sting


Urticating Hairs: Yes, this species also has hidden barbs on its hind legs that it will try hitting its aggressor with by spinning.


Adult Size: DLS 7"


Expected Life Span: Females 15 years - Males 5 years


Temperature: 76°-84°F is ideal. Avoid using heat pads as many Tarantulas burrow to avoid the heat.


Humidity: 70-85%


Natural Origins: Columbia, Bogota


Habitat:  hide with plenty of plants and decorations for use as web anchors. This species has been known to display semi-arboreal tendencies. 


Substrate: A Peat moss and coco fiber mixture with added clumps of sphagnum moss and some vermiculite help keep humidity stay up. 5-7" of Substrate should suffice but more wouldn't hurt.



  • Sling (1/4-1")

      Fruitflies, 1/4" Dubia, Sm. Crickets.

  • Sub-Adult(1-3")

       Md. Crickets, Mealworms, Md. Dubia, 

  • Adult(4-6")

      Lg. Crickets, Adult Dubia, Superworms, Mealworms.


Sexing: Not all species of Tarantulas are dimorphic. The best way to your tarantula is to examine its exuvia or molted exoskeleton. 


Extra Info. : it has been noted this tarantula doesn't take well to new environments so it should be advised to keep renovations and rehousing to a minimum. Other than that normal cleaning and maintenance is good when needed. First described by Anton Ausserer in 1875.

Colombian Giant Red Leg

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