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AKA: Orthoporus ornatus, Giant chocolate millipede

Experience: Beginner


Adult Size: up to 6"


Life Expectancy: 7-10years.


Temperature: 70F-78F. When using artificial heat it is best to provide heat from above and not below to mimic nature's source of heat. All Millipedes burrow to get out of the hot surface and find a cooler spot below.


Humidity: Daily misting to every other day.


Natural Origins: W. Texas, Arizona


Enclosure Set-Up: Not much is needed other than some Leaf litter, some cork bark, and even magnolia seed pods for them to explore. You want to make sure there is good ventilation as their need for high humidity can cause mold or mites. They also emit pheromones that can be toxic at high concentrations.


Substrate: Their substrate needs to be as deep as they are long. It can consist of Topsoil with no additives/Fertilizers, cypress mulch, peat moss, and hydrated hardwood pellets.


Diet: Vegetables, fruits, decaying matter, fish flakes, eggshell


Temperament: Very Dociles pets, though if threatened they can secrete a very mild toxic substance. So it is best to wash hands before and after handling. Though the ooze poses little to no threat to humans it can be irritating to a few and leave stains on one's fingers.


Sexing: On the 7th segment on the millipede, males will appear to have a shorter pair of legs or lack of legs completely and in place have their reproductive organs, gonopods. Females will have no gap in their legs making sexing simpler.


Extra Info. :

Giant Chocolate Desert

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