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Aka: Torreya trap-door spider (Cyclocosmia torreya)


Experience: Beginner


Growth Rate: Medium


Type: Fossorial, Spending the majority of their time in a hidden burrow,


Venom: low potency typically not harmful to humans


Adult Size: DLS 1.5"


Expected Life Span: Females- 10+ Males- 5yrs


Temperature: 65ºF-75ºF


Humidity: Around 75%


Natural Origins: South East U.S.


Substrate: A Coco Fiber and sade mixture with added sphagnum moss clumps and vermiculite to help keep humidity up. about 5-7" of Substrate to allow them to burrow their den




  • Sling (1/8")

D. Melanogaster Fruit Flies once to twice a week


  • Sub-Adult(1/4"-1/2")

D. Hydei Fruit Flies, pinhead crickets


  • Adult(1")

Small crickets 3/8"


As an Adult, you can mix the diet with Red Runner Roaches, Superworms, and even Horned Worms as a rare treat as they are more fatty than nutritional.


Sexing: Females are shiny, chestnut brown, and males are dark brown to black.


Extra Info. : humidity is vital, and it is best to keep the substrate damp to prevent any loss. As a mygalomorph, there will be times they will fast for weeks even they are not molting.


Torreya trap-door spider

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