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AKA: Mastigoproctus giganteus, Giant Whip Scorpian, Texas Vinegaroon.


Experience: Beginner


Venom: their Bite Doesn't inject any venom but they are known to spray a Defensive musk, which smells of vinegar if antagonized or provoked. They tend to be quite docile otherwise.


Adult Size: DLS 6" and a Body length of 4"


Expected Life Span: Females 20 years - Males 5-10 years


Temperature: 72°F - 80°F is ideal. Please avoid the use of heat pads as they burrow to get out of the heat.


Humidity: 35-45% but it is good to note that keeping the substrate slightly wet/damp can be beneficial.


Natural Origins: Deserts of west Texas.


Habitat: You can provide your vinegaroon with a cork bark hide and some leaf litter. You can also give them a small water dish to use preferably one that is textured as that cannot climb smooth surfaces.


Substrate: Peat and or topsoil have the ability to hold a burrow better than most other substrates.  minimum depth of 5-6" is adequate.



  • Juvenile

      Sm. Crickets, 1/4" Dubia, Mealworms

  • Adult

      Lg. Crickets, Adult Dubia, Superworms, Mealworms.


Sexing: Determining the sex of your vinegaroon can be a little difficult, but males have longer pedipalps while females are more stout.


Extra Info. : Compared to the strength of vinegar. Vinegaroons musk is 16x stronger. Vinegar is 5% acetic acid as opposed to Vinegaroons at 80%. though it poses no life-threatening issues to humans, it can cause damage to the exoskeleton of other invertebrates.


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